Supply Chain Analytics

How supply chain leaders advance their use of data and analytics for decision making.

Management by Exception

Continuous exception management

Alerting management

Automatic alert and exception messaging

Performance Management

KPI dashboarding

Flexible visual representations

Automatic KPI messaging

Permanent Analysis

Automatic segmentations

Easy slice and dice for analysis

What if scenario management

The supply chain is a great place to use analytic tools to understand what is happening at different levels of the Supply Chain and the Operations. Supply chains typically generate massive amounts of data. Building visibility, analyse data and detect performance gaps clearly help to get a better view on potential savings and efficiency gains.

Due to the important role it plays in the company’s cost structure and profitability, but also due to its function of combining all types of data, information and communication, Supply Chain is very well positioned to build a holistic view on the company and its different processes. Supply Chain analytics can not only help to understand and analyse the current situation better but has also the possibility to take a predictive view of the data and helps to anticipate future situations.

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