Distribution & Production Planning

Distribution &Production planning that fulfills demand in the most efficient way possible.

Distribution & Production

Material and distribution requirements planning

Seamless integration of DRP and MRP

Multilevel safety stock optimisation

Master Planning

Flexible Excel like planning visualisation

Time fences and fixed planned orders

Multilevel exception management

Capacity Management

Capacity requirements planning

Major and minor setup requirements

Overview human resource requirements

Every company wants to build a sound production and distribution plan to optimize efficiency, service and inventories. The key is to come to a feasible plan that ensures that materials, equipment and human resources are available in due time and that aligns requirements and resources.

It is also important that the plans will support the flexibility requirements as requested by the market and defined by the management. The flexibility can be built into the plan through the correct use of Inventory, (Over)Capacity and Lead Times. Building flexibility has a cost that should be well thought through to stick to the market expectations in order to balance revenue and cost and maximize margins.

An effective plan will:

  • Help to effectively utilize resources and equipment resulting in lower costs and higher returns
  • Correctly balance setups and order quantities resulting in lower costs and inventories
  • Ensure a regular flow in the supply chain avoiding as much as possible variability resulting in lower costs
  • Ensure an optimum inventory avoiding overstocks and understocks resulting in optimized inventory costs
  • Improve labour productivity and labour efficiency
  • Ensure an optimum service level and improving on-time deliveries to the satisfaction of the customers but without losing the sight on cost effectiveness

In a pure distribution environment, it is key that the inventories in general and the safety stocks in particular are positioned at the right location to assure the best Customer Service at the lowest cost.

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