The adaptive and connected Optimact platform is built to help businesses think ahead.



With Optimact easy-to-use platform, you can elevate planning into a conversation across your entire organization and departments. Following capabilities of Optimact’s digital user experience

  • Get the critical, right and personalized information you need
  • Every one looking to the same data
  • Update plans quickly, visualize impacts immediately, and make decisions confidently with Optimact’s interactive dashboards
  • Easy to use screen by the users


Now, as every business becomes a digital business, digitization and collaboration has the potential to transform the supply chain by making services more valuable, accessible and affordable. Organizations should reimagine the supply chain as a digital supply network that unites not just physical flows of products and services, but also information and finance. In an abstract sense, people and data—as well as materials, products and supplies—must travel together across the extended enterprise. As a key enabler in this new digital world, supply chain cloud computing can have a transformational impact on the business and the supply chain operating model by enabling data, analytics and mobility.


Far too often, supply chain stakeholders make decisions in their own data environment. But that doesn’t work in today’s adaptive world. Supply chain stakeholders need to make timely, value-based decisions so they can respond quickly to shifts in demand and customer needs.

Connecting data across systems in real-time is the key, giving the system and supply chain stakeholders the ability to have an elevated, updated and accurate view of their supply chain at any moment. … This is the real-time supply chain, and that connectivity between systems is the key to protecting the supply chain.


Optimact is empowered by Nucleus which has obtained the ISO 27001:2013 certificate for data security. That is an international quality label, and the result of an extensive external audit in the area of Security Management. Thanks to this certificate, our customers know for sure that they receive an extensive guarantee for data security.

As a customer of Optimact, you can rest assured: We take security management very seriously. We use the ISO 27001 management process for data security. This is a coherent and comprehensive system for security control, which constantly follows up on the evolving security risks.