Optimact is celebrating: 10 Years!!

Optimact is celebrating: 10 Years!!
21/12/2023 Deborah Bracke

When you start something, 10 years seems a long way… however to us it seems time flies! Throughout the last 10 years we’ve built a company that enjoys to help bring S&OP processes to life. Or for that matter giving our customers’ S&OP process a different, easier, more controled, improved, optimized life. That is what we are passionate about and what we envision ourselves doing for 10+ more years to come.

Now how did it al start?

10 years ago, after many S&OP improvement processes, Olivier Corluy thought things could be done better. He didn’t just think so, he took matters in own hands. As a Logistics & supply chain consultant his work mainly was supported by an excel file. And you know what his opinion is on excel (if not – read more here). Olivier¬†has led international projects in domains going from operational strategy development up to system implementation. His particular domains of expertise are Distribution and Production Planning and redesign of Supply Chain Networks in all its aspects. Allthough Excel worked quite well in those projects it did have its limitations. So that’s why Olivier started thinking about how things could be improved.

That’s how Optimact was founded. Together with a team of enthusiast S&OP experts we aim to make planning processes easier for our customers. And it has been an adventure!

10 years is a time to reflect and cherish the hard work that has gone in to this adventure. It’s also a time to look forward to what’s next.¬†Throughout the many implementations, we have been improving the tool every day. Our developers are giving their best in making Optimact the tool that solves your problems. This year we are happy to introduce you to 2 new features in our tool.

  1. Customer forecasting: Demand uncertainty is one of the most important challenges faced by organisations today. The presence of different management structures results in different divisions that require different planning decisions. The customer forecasting feature enables our users to build a forecast for an entire productgroup or segment of customers.
  2. Scheduler: Managing a production process is not easy. You may have numerous production lines, employees and numerous different products that you need to plan all of them properly and efficiently so that all your customers are delivered on time. Sometimes you may also need to take certain factors, such as allergens, into account in your production process. In order for that process to run smoothly, it is crucial to have a good overview of what you need to produce, taking into account the capacity of your production facilities, the availability of your employees and the capacity of your storage. The optimact Scheduler helps you plan that process smoothly!

Celebrating what comes next is great, but this would all not be possible if not for the continous support of the Optimact team members. So a great shout out to them: thank you for improving supply chains all over europe day in day out! And a special thanks to Olivier: Your passion drives us everyday to do better.

Cheers !!

Curious about those new features? Reach out to plan a demo!