Optimact launches new functionality: Customer forecasting

Optimact launches new functionality: Customer forecasting
27/06/2023 Deborah Bracke

We are very happy to introduce you to our new product feature: Customer forecasting! This feature will enable our users to build a forecast for an entire productgroup or segment of customers.

Demand uncertainty is one of the most important challenges faced by organisations today. The presence of different management structures results in different divisions that require different planning decisions. Sales forecasting problems often occur because of the need for different hierarchies, and forecasts at a different level within these hierarchies. For example, product-level forecasts are needed by marketing; product-group level forecasts are needed in budgeting; forecasts by region and product are needed in logistical decisions; and forecasts by customer and product are needed by customer-relations management staff.

By enabling you to view the statistical forecast from different dimensions, and the ability of the tool to aggregate and disaggregate you will be able to get an even better view of your planning processes.

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