Masterclass Demand Planning and Forecasting

Masterclass Demand Planning and Forecasting
23/12/2022 Laurence Van den Abeele

Many companies still see Demand Planning / Forecasting as a necessary evil and you still often hear that a forecast is always wrong.

Many different things come into the picture within Demand Planning & Forecasting. Setting up a good forecasting process certainly involves using the appropriate techniques. But it is much more than that. Forecasting is nor an art, nor an expert only activity. It is also about determining the right responsibilities and process steps, to get the right level of involvement and commitment from the different business players and to initiate continuous improvement.

Organizations realize how important Forecasting and Demand Planning is for their success. With the Demand Planning & Forecasting training you will gradually gain insight into the decisive processes and traditional and new techniques involved, including artificial intelligence.

Optimact, Xeleos Consulting and PICS Belgium have developed a unique and very practical training based on their extensive experience. The training is hands-on and during the training you will use your own business data to experience different techniques, build your forecasts and gain insights in the process.

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New dates : 28th of February & 13th of March 2024 !