Connecting development, sales & manufacturing and supply chain management is the backbone and cornerstone and driving force of your company. Xeleos Consulting is helping organizations to achieve sustainable benefits in their Supply Chain through specialized consulting services. We focus on helping organizations optimize their Supply Chain and align it to their business strategy. Making the right choices enable our clients to achieve their business objectives and improve their operations significantly .  For more information go to the Xeleos website.

Nucleus was established in 2000. Meanwhile, they have developed into one of the biggest players in the Belgian hosting landscape. Thanks to expertise, sensible policies and a healthy growth.

Their expertise is their most vital driver. It comes from a growing team of driven people – serious geeks and each and every one a specialist in their field of business. Together, they form a multifunctional team that strives to the best possible uptime for your websites, applications and servers.  It’s not our goal to become the greatest hosting provider. It’s their goal to become the best one. They feel engaged and want to contribute directly to the success of their customers.

This is the reason that we work with Nucleus as technology provider.  For more information go to the Nucleus website

Supply Chain Profs is a consultancy company with specialists in business consultancy, innovation and supply chain management.

From various branches, Supply Chain Profs supports small and medium-sized organisations within production, trade and healthcare and is authorized partner of Optimact’s supply chain planning solutions.

For more information, visit the Supply Chain Profs website

With the only end-to-end solution for data integration and analytics, Qlik democratizes BI, creating a shared fabric of trusted, real-time data, collaborative analysis, and actionable insights. Get the technology and expertise you need to build a data-driven culture and transform your business.

Organizations collect huge amounts of data. But, most of the data which guides decisions and actions isn’t analytics-ready or accessible. Qlik operationalizes Data Ops for analytics, turning raw data into trusted, actionable data that’s easy to find, current, and immediately available.   This is the reason that this software is embedded in our software.  For more information go to the Qlik website.