Optimact DNA

Optimisation in action

Based on a large number of projects, we have realised that an efficient supply chain management can only lead to results if it’s based on actions. As explained in our approach these actions cannot  be ‘one shot’ actions but have to be repeated continuously.

Improvement of supply chain planning

Optimact has the ambition to help companies improve their supply chain and support their supply chain management process. Optimact together with their partner  has the know-how and a lot of experience on supply chain management and shares those to help companies. This know-how and experience is translated in the Optimact tool where it’s offered automatically to the user.

Result focused approach

We consider Optimact as a tool to achieve the company objectives : results. Without any action on a number of external factors, like processes and organisation, even the best tool in the world will not deliver results. That’s why Optimact has developed a broad toolkit that uses the tool as a mean only to get results.

Simplicity as an advantage

The users have no need for complex systems. The user is fully guided by exception reports: he has to take action on the exceptions only and Optimact manages automatically the standard situations. Optimact is set up to be used intuitively and to be close to the company processes.