The basis for all Supply Chain Plannings

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Inventory Management

Optimizing your inventories and increase your service levels

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Distribution & Production Planning

Fulfilling demand in the most efficient way possible

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Sales & Operations Planning

Unified across all business units

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Supply Chain Analytics

How supply chain  leaders advance their use of data and analytics for decision making

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Get in control of your supply chain process with Optimact

Whatever your business, your goals are the same: To succeed. To innovate. To decide. To anticipate the future. To change.  

Optimact is helping organizations to achieve sustainable benefits in their Supply Chain through specialized tooling and consulting services. We focus on helping organizations optimize their Supply Chain and align it to their business strategy. Making the right choices enables our clients to achieve their business objectives and significantly  improve their operations.

The Optimact Solution was built to support and facilitate you. With a background in optimizing production processes, we have the right knowledge to help companies succeed at scale. Optimact’s cloud-based solution connects people, data, processes and plans across the enterprise, bringing different supply chain planning domains together.

Get in control of your supply chain process with our help and Optimact’s advanced functionalities.

Integrated Supply Chain Planning

Our solution covers all aspects of Supply Chain Planning


Life Cycle Management
Collaborative forecasting
Artificial intelligence



Inventory Strategy
Optimal Parameters
Optimal Order

Distribution & Production Planning

Distribution & Production
Master Planning
Capacity Management


Manufacturing efficiency
Production scheduling
Constraint management

Sales & Operations

Consensus Planning

Supply Chain

Management by Exception
Performance Monitoring
Permanent Analysis

Optimact Translates your Supply Chain Plans into Results

Supply chain professionals are not looking for complex solutions. That was the core objective when developing Optimact. The Supply chain tool is built to guide users with exception reports so action is takenonly where needed.  Optimact manages the standard situations automatically.  Furthermore, Optimact is set up to be used intuitively and close to the company processes.

We consider Optimact as a supporting technology to achieve the company objectives: results.  Without action on a number of external factors like processes, organisation and supply chain strategy, even the best technology in the world will not deliver results.  That’s why Optimact has developed a supply chain toolkit (strategy, processes, organisation) as a mean to get results.


Want a supply chain improvement plan?